What Winter

Winter? Where? I haven’t seen him in ages, sorry, try down south.

It’s been pretty dang beautiful here the last little while. Warm, sunny days, clean, clean water, quiet stretches of sandy beaches – you could totally be mistaken for thinking it’s the middle of spring, not winter. (Please stay like this mother nature!!)

I got up extra early this morning with my friend Dan to head down to the beach to catch sunrise and to play around in the surf. Wowzers, were we in luck this morning, it’s was A-Maze-Ing. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. But it makes me wonder why I dont’ get up at 5:30 every morning in winter (oh yeah, cause most of the time when it’s not beautiful and warm, it’s bloody freezing and bed always seems like such a better idea than frozen tootsies).

Anyway, enjoy! Hopefully there’ll be more of this in the next few days (Yay for warm tootsies!)

Abstract winter hues

Winter – more like sneaky spring

Pft! Winter. Where!

Sunrise surfer :: 1

Sunrise surfer :: 2

Sunrise surfer :: 3

Sunrise sessions :: 1

Sunrise sessions :: 2

Winter wonderland

Me mate – Dan Hewitt

Ocean mist :: 1

Ocean mist :: 2

Ocean mist :: 3

Ocean mist :: 4

A lady slider

Well! I guess the sun does shine there!

Seriously the best start to the day

Dan the man

Backlit beauty

This is Dan’s second surf since his knee surgery, he’s doing well


Put your hands up if like dancing to Shakira

It was nice and glassy this morning

Da ocean

Blue board, blue sea :: 1

Blue board, blue sea :: 2

This is Dan, charging

Smile for the camera!

Soft, white and fluffy

Peace. xx


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