Totoya Lagoon

The island of Totoya is an ancient volcano that blew it’s top off thousands of years ago, leaving a crater which is now the Totoya lagoon in the images below. On our way down, we picked up a group of scientists, journalists and village chiefs who were on their way to try and help a stranded Humpback Whale affectionately nicknamed “Frank” who had gotten stuck inside a fishbowl like reef within the lagoon and had been unable to get out for some weeks. With the entry passage only meters wide and deep and also facing land, it seems Frank is having a hard time finding his way out to open water.

I was lucky enough to jump in the water and snap a couple of shots of Frank, hanging upside down and being rather friendly with us while we were there. Rescue efforts are still ongoing as I write this blog, but we’re all hoping Frank can find his way out on his own and continue his journey south for the winter to feed.



The main village on Totoya Island

Palm trees and little huts

Curious locals :: 1

Curious locals :: 2

Curious locals :: 3

The locals get a pretty good view of Frank frolicking in the lagoon

Showing us his whale tail

Teh getting a mouth full of whale breath

Hanging out on the paddleboard with Frank

The locals

Frank :: 1

Frank :: 2

Coming to the surface


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