Tonga Beach Resort

Sundays are a day of rest in Tonga. No body works and everything shuts down. The only sounds coming from Vava’u on sundays are far away singing from the church choir, chickens squawking in yards, the breeze blowing gently through the trees and faint laughter coming from the homes of locals as the take the day to relax, rest and recuperate.

Luckily for us, the Tonga Beach Resort stays open for all the travelers exploring Vava’u and it’s here on Sundays that you can come and sink your toes in the sand with a refreshing beverage and sit among good friends, wailing the day away.

Checking out the scenery

Welcome to the Tonga Beach Resort

What a nice view

Luke finds a friend

The sand bar

Pieces of history

Vava’u all mapped out

Tiny turtles

Just for us

Relaxing in paradise

Nat hiding her vices

A blue canoe

The makings of a new roof

Found fencing

Lines and circles

A nice place to ponder the day

Green palms and blue skies

It’s good to read between the lines sometimes

A sunny day calls for a dip

Just chillin

Another? Probably.

Or how bout a Steinlarger?

Yes, more relaxing

Pretty as a postcard

A giggling Holley with treasure in her hand

Or just a new little friend

Blue Steele, doing his thing

Sharing secret spots

Even the plants get wrapped in Tongan love

It’s aaaall gooood

Just another sunday in Tonga


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