The Lady and The Alaia

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting a session for a lady and an Alaia. The wooden finless surfboard was a present for her boyfriend for Christmas and what better christmas present than the little slider but some photos of it with his favourite lady. If you guys don’t know Kath, she’s the oh so talented vegan raw chef/yoga teacher/beautiful soul/absolute hottie roaming around town. Check out her facebook page – D-Vine By Narure Catering for food ideas, retreats and more.

Enjoy the photos, we had a blast creating them!


Tallows Fort

The Wegener

Exploring the Fort :: 1

Exploring the Fort :: 2

Exploring the Fort :: 3

Misty Morning

The Lady and Her Alaia :: 1

Come on in, the water’s warm…


The Lady and Her Alaia :: 2

Peekaboo Alaia See You!

Viparita Virabhadrasana

A Quiet Mind

Eagle Arms

Embracing The Morning

Lyloh Fun Time :: 1

Lyloh Fun Time :: 2

Lyloh Fun Time :: 3

Lyloh Fun Time :: 4



Under a Cloudy Sky

Feet First

Surrender To The Bubbles

Split Screen

Soft Surfing

The in’s and out’s of surfing


Mermaid :: 1

Mermaid :: 2

Mermaid :: 3

Submerged in happiness

A message for you

Merry Christmas everyone!

2 halves make a whole lotta love

Santa’s little helper

Happiness :: 1

Happiness :: 2

Jumping Tangerine

The flick


Listening to the sounds of the sea

Seeing double


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