The islands of Fulaga

The island of Fulaga, situated in the Southern Lau Group, Fiji, is a crater shaped limestone island surrounded by fringing reef and within the lagoon it surrounds, over 300 smaller islands and rock formations lie within the crystal clear lagoon, making up one of the most isolated places in Fiji. But it’s also one of the most stunning.

There are three villages on the island with about 400 people in total living on Fulaga. The island is most well known for it’s traditional carvings done by the villagers who are highly skilled in the making of canoes, bowls, carvings and mats. The products produced are often taken back to the main island and sold in shops and markets to tourists.

Get ready for some desktop screensaver images:



Luke up a coconut tree

My mate Paddy said it looked like I’d inserted myself into a desktop wallpaper. I think I have.

A stunning secluded bay

Entering the pass into Fulaga

Just one of over three hundred rock formations within Fulaga lagoon

Local children of Fulaga :: 1

Local children of Fulaga :: 2

Teh and his bundle of joy

Portrait of a future model :: 1

Giving us the lowdown on how things are in Fulaga

Inside the bedroom, living and dining room of a locals home.

A single piece of washing hangs from the line, gently swaying in the breeze

The mat this woman is weaving is made from wood and bark

Bark and seeds make good leis

Another happy Fijian

Checking us funny looking fellas out

Luke getting “adorned”

“Come on! Everyone is here!”

Traditional hand made Kava bowls for sale

Giving me his best “peace” fingers

Happy face :: 1

Portrait of a future model :: 2

Happy face :: 2


The colours are happy colours

Intrigued by all the white fellas

More rock formations inside Fulaga lagoon


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