The Island of Simeulue

2 weeks on an island off the coast of Arche, no cell reception, an ocean front bungalow, 3 cooked meals a day, a scooter and uncrowded waves. What more could you want from a mid-summer escape from the crowds of Byron Bay.

Simeulue Island. A rustic, old school island in Northern West Indonesia, where the feeling of yesteryear is all around you.

Palm trees line the coastal highway that winds its way around the island, opening up to glimpses of white sand beaches with with waves for days.

We chose this island to holiday to as it was known for fun manageable surf (we surfed 3-4 foot easily) and being a lesser known island in the Sumatran area, it meant for less crowds.

To give you an idea, we saw 10 Westerners the whole 2 weeks we were there…

Big thank you to Geoff from Simeulue Surf Camp

Some snaps from the trip, some on film (and thanks to Bayou Film) and some on the trusty iPhone & Axis housing. (Thanks Aquatech Surf Housings)

Excuse the lack of surfing shots, as I was, well, surfing…


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