The in’s and out’s of diving in Tonga

Up in the Haipai Group in Tonga, there are these idyllic scattered little islands sitting peacefully behind protective reefs, palm trees swaying in the breeze and the ocean quietly lapping at their sandy shores. It’s picture perfect.

Beneath the water is another playground. Crystal clear waters in which tiny little fish swim in and out of sea enemies and rays of sunlight shining down on the surrounding coral. I had the chance to dive a shallow dive off the beach on one of these islands, taking Luke’s Aquatech housing down with me to record our adventure. I could of stayed down there for hours!

Enjoy people.

A wreck that washed up on shore after a massive storm that killed a few fisherman on board. The boat has been there a while now.

The trusty Cabo checking depths for the big boat

A lone sail boat hanging out in paradise

Light rays reflecting on the sandy bottom

Under Over ::1

Under Over ::2

Bubble Love ::1

Here fishie fishie

Tiny fish make coral heads a cosy home

Bubble Love ::2

Surfacing after our dive

Dancing light rays


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