The Inevitability of Stars

Before the Spring north winds started blowing in the bay, there were a few weeks of warm sunny days with bright blue skies coupled with calm, glassy, crystal clear waters. It was just awesome. I want those days back, I very much dislike the wind and the choppy seas it brings.

The images below though, are of one of these perfect spring days. My lovely mate, Kath and I, took my camera and her long limbs into the Pacific ocean to swim under the crashing waves and through the crystal clear waters of the back beaches.

Now, Kath “Rainbow” Lyster  as she’s known around town is author to the newly published book, The Inevitability of Stars. As Good Reads describes it, it’s: “A modern-day Romeo and Juliet set amongst the beauty of Byron Bay and the grind of Sydney.” And it is just that. I couldn’t put it down when I got my grubby little hands on a copy and I even cried at the end. Thats pretty big for me.

I’ve been lucky enough to know Miss Lyster for over 12 years now and I’ve seen this book through many of it’s changing stages. It was picked up at last years writers festival here in Byron and then launched at this years festival and has been selling out in stores all over the country. Get yourselves a copy people and quick.

So these images are a celebration of sorts. 10 years of hard work and persistence finally pays off and the feeling felt from that is maybe what you’ll see in the photos.

Enjoy guys,


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