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Why You Should Pack Your Bag, Book A Ticket & Just Go…

This article was orignally for Dissh Boutiques blog which I contribute to but I liked it so much that I thoughtView full post »

On the road with Queensland Tourism

It’s been a big couple of months of travel this year and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping any timeView full post »

Chasing The Sun: Hawaii – Part 3: Surf’s Up

Crystal Thornburg-Homcy and Lauren L. Hill reverse wave riding on the North Shore It wouldn’t be Chasing The SunView full post »

Chasing The Sun: Hawaii – Part 2: Adventures on Oahu

Blue Water Chaser – Lauren in Waimea Bay Sometimes called “The Gathering Place”, Oahu certainly lives upView full post »

Chasing The Sun: Hawaii – Part 1: Kauai

Hawaii may very well be the spiritual home of The Drifter Blog’s aesthetic. That’s what I kept thinking, anyway, as IView full post »

Fiji: Back home to Paradise

Tonga wasn’t enough so I had to skip back over to my beloved Fiji for a couple of weeks to get over those postView full post »

Chasing The Sun: Tonga

You’ve probably seen quite a few of our Tongan adventure images floating around cyber space over the past month.View full post »

On Assignment for Tiger Tales

A few weeks ago I was asked to go on assignment down to Coffs Harbour and shoot for an upcoming article in TigerView full post »

Back on Fiji Time

Ah, yes it is. Flying into Viti Levi, looking out the plane window watching palm trees and tin roofs of the scatteredView full post »

Bali Bagus

4 weeks in Bali went too fast. Blink and it wizzes past you like a motor bike with 6 people on it. (Ok, 6 people on aView full post »

The islands of Fulaga

The island of Fulaga, situated in the Southern Lau Group, Fiji, is a crater shaped limestone island surrounded byView full post »

Totoya Lagoon

The island of Totoya is an ancient volcano that blew it’s top off thousands of years ago, leaving a crater whichView full post »

Dravuni Island

I’m on the road again for a 2 week adventure around the southern Lau Group in Fiji. This trip is especiallyView full post »

Project Cambodia: The Forgotten Ones…

In 2006 I traveled to Cambodia to shoot a photo-documentary on Cambodia’s HIV orphans. Many children are orphanedView full post »

Swimming with Giants

Ok, this is what you’ve all been waiting for. It’s all I’ve been waiting for. I’ve been holdingView full post »