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Evening Slides with Lauren Hill

Chase the Sun A beautiful evening with Lauren Hill spent riding wavelets into the setting sun, watching light sparkleView full post »

Back on Fiji Time

Ah, yes it is. Flying into Viti Levi, looking out the plane window watching palm trees and tin roofs of the scatteredView full post »

What Winter

Winter? Where? I haven’t seen him in ages, sorry, try down south. It’s been pretty dang beautiful here theView full post »

Surf Girl

Thought I’d show you the new issue of Surf Girl. It’s got lots of images taken by moi. If you haven’tView full post »

Bali Bagus

4 weeks in Bali went too fast. Blink and it wizzes past you like a motor bike with 6 people on it. (Ok, 6 people on aView full post »

Tropic Haze

I don’t know if it’s the cold winter days that are upon us, or the promises of a warm and sunny ofView full post »

Chasing Mermaids

The water wasn’t as clear as it was a few days earlier but still clear enough to chase mermaids around theView full post »

Shacked up at The Wreck

Big storms, big winds, BIG SWELL. The guys have been frothing over the barrels that have been forming down at The WreckView full post »

Swimming with Giants

Ok, this is what you’ve all been waiting for. It’s all I’ve been waiting for. I’ve been holdingView full post »

Tonga Beach Resort

Sundays are a day of rest in Tonga. No body works and everything shuts down. The only sounds coming from Vava’uView full post »