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Morning Rituals

Morning Rituals with Sally Mustang Sally Mustang – @sallymustang In Minds Eye – @inmindseye Arrow DivineView full post »

Life as a Mermaid

A little lifestyle session with the wonderful Emy who’s not afraid of big waves or diving down into the deep.View full post »

The Inevitability of Stars

Before the Spring north winds started blowing in the bay, there were a few weeks of warm sunny days with bright blueView full post »

Bali Bagus

4 weeks in Bali went too fast. Blink and it wizzes past you like a motor bike with 6 people on it. (Ok, 6 people on aView full post »

This Last Weekend

Pink and gold skies, glassy rolling water, salt in your hair and the sun on your skin. Makes you feel like summer hasView full post »


Meet Wispy. He’s the man with the beard that walks on water. He’s been surfing since he can remember andView full post »

Mumma Mia

This shoot has been coming for a while now, delayed due to weather, winds, no sun, christmas, new years and everythingView full post »

Under the water, down by the sea…

Here are few images from our little underwater photo shoots to try out my new Aquatech housing and to learn and becomeView full post »

The in’s and out’s of diving in Tonga

Up in the Haipai Group in Tonga, there are these idyllic scattered little islands sitting peacefully behind protectiveView full post »

Picture Perfect Paradise

I think I have actually found real paradise. I’ve stepped foot on the island that I can say is the most pictureView full post »

Ke11y at Cloudbreak

So there had been this talk of big swell all last week. The first big swell of the season. You know when people talk itView full post »

Snorkel fun

Every chance I get I’m in the water. And If I’m lucky, I’m allowed to borrow Luke’s underwaterView full post »

Being down, looking up

Not only do I want to be able to fly, I want to breathe under water. It’s another world down there. It’sView full post »

High up in the sky

Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of being able to fly. I’d climb up onto our roof up to the very top peak andView full post »

My dude loves to surf.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 1 foot or 8. If there’s surf, he is out there in the line up. HeView full post »