Summer Swell

Eden Saul from Dead Kooks making the round trip back up to the point

There hasn’t been much in the way of swell over the summer. A day here or there we got lucky with just more than a ripple and those days sent people running to the beach with whatever gliding apparatus their holding at the very moment they get the call. ( I saw a guy trying to surf his esky lid 😉 )

But a couple of weeks ago there was rumour of a swell reminiscent of last summer, with a tropical cyclone up north, wispers of storm swell swept through the town.

We didn’t quiet get the storm swell we were hoping for, but we did get something.  And that something was in the form of some fun fun waves. The something was enough to keep people in the water way after darkness had settled over the bay.

Enjoy, xx

Sliding Apparatus

Cloudy Rhodes

Log Days

Speed Glide

Cloudy Rhodes sliding on a rainbow coloured sea :: 1

Cloudy Rhodes sliding on a rainbow coloured sea :: 2

Mr Joel Fitzgerald :: 1

Mr Joel Fitzgerald :: 2

Mr Joel Fitzgerald :: 3

Wispy, just doing his thing on his McTavish vee machine

Brett Caller

Brett Caller in his own pocket

Cross stepping lady sliding :: 1

Cross stepping lady sliding :: 2

Tarryn Wilson taking off into the sun

Justin Crawford from Fallen Broken Street on his finless slide machine

Lady slidin

Sun Drenched

Weekend Adventures

This was seconds before Cloudy got dropped in on from an unaware old logger

Cloud Foam

Wispy mini drainer :: 1

Wispy mini drainer :: 2

Wispy stepping across his racing stripes

Wispy – Cheater 5 on his Noosa 66 :: 1

Wispy – Cheater 5 on his Noosa 66 :: 2

Pass Afternoons

Wispy’s new McTavish Noosa 66

Moody Afternoons


Eden Saul

Eden Saul, 5 on the nose

Eden Saul from cross stepping on a blurry one

Rock reflecting

Pass life

Like Father Like Son

This is summer alright

Tarryn Wilson, gliding

Sun Dreams

Maria Nilsson, sunset sliding

Summer sunlight


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