Seea X The Drifter

Welcome to The Seea.

I’ve been a fan of Amanda Chinchelli’s Californian surf label Seea for a while now. With it’s distinctive mix of retro-modern shapes and contemporary patterns and colours that are making waves in the women’s surf fashion industry right now, Seea are making me want to go out and buy every last piece.

Seea’s dharma is “A celebration of the style, rhythm and grace of women’s surfing”, dedicated to the pioneering women who first braved the waves and to every woman who has ever searched for a suit that is feminine, comfortable, and fun. With Seea “babes” Mele Saili, Ashley Johnston, Jenayl Peters, Luki O’Keffe, Lola Mignot and our own Byron locals Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald and Leana Rack on “board” as surf ambassadors, the label is attracting attention from female surfers all over the world. Including us ocean lady folk here in The Bay.

So when the idea was thrown up about a collaboration between The Drifter and Seea, we thought what a perfect opportunity to show off this awesome label to the surfing ladies of Oz (if you didn’t already know!)

We got together with Seea babes Chrystal Fitzgerald and Leana Rack and shot a fun little lifestyle shoot featuring this current season’s styles as well as some of the new Neoprene (USA through Also being featured in the shoot is Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards, The Beach People towels, Rue Stiic, Bahgsu Jewels,  a classic 1950’s VW beetle from Byron Bay Kombi Club and our Instagram favourite Life In The Slow Lane, Sunnie, a 1959 Sunliner Caravan (who is actually available now for rent on AirBnB).

A massive thank you to all involved for all your time and efforts. xx

The Seea –

Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald

Leana Rack

Life In The Slow Lane – Sunnie – instagram: @lifeintheslowlane

Byron Bay Kombi Club

Joel Fitzgerlad Surboards

Rue Stiic

Bahgsu Jewels

*This is a sponsored post.




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