Salt Gypsy is back in town

Obviously you know about my Kiwi gal pal Danny Clayton and her surf brand Salt Gypsy right? You know the original and the raddest surf leggings that have spurred copycat products by every big surf brand out there? Well Salt Gypsy have joined our new little creative hub, Studio Tropico, out here in Byron’s industrial estate and we couldn’t be happier to have her smiling dial here every day plugging away like the little work horse she is, tirelessly climbing the entrepreneurial ladder all the way up to the big league.

For those of you not in the know: Salt Gypsy is a surf and lifestyle brand that celebrates female surf athleticism, diversity and style in the lineup. Salt gypsy offers products and experiences for the discerning woman of the water; surf and apres-surf wear, boat trips for the advanced female surfer, and curated surf and independant design news from around the world.

Our other creative co-worker here at Studio Tropico, Fransisco Tavoni teamed up with Danny and Surfer/model Shay Maclean to shoot some of Salt Gypsy’s new gear in it’s new (or new again) home of Byron Bay.

We thought we’d also get the inside scoop on Shay’s fave surf spots and essential travel gear, because after all, we’re here to live the salty life and we love hearing how others live theirs…

Enjoy. xx

Salt Gypsy  – – @saltgypsy

Photography by Fransisco Tavoni@tavoni

Model – Shay Maclean – @shaymaclean

Favourite surf break/destination:
I’m from Yallingup, WA so this question is a difficult one! I would have to say Rabbits, Smiths Reef & Gallows are my 3 favourites back home!
Words you live by:
..oh the just list goes on haha


Top 10 essential surf travel items: 
1. Surfboard? – Just to be a smart ass hahah!
2. OF COURSE my Salt GYPSY black long sleeve rashy top and a pair of the black mesh surf leggings!
3. Ella Baché zinc.
4. Far King wax.
5. A little bottle of my Ayurvedic Brahmi Ghee hair oil (to keep my locks lushhhhh).
6. A pair of Odina Surf bikinis.
Hmm what’s that, 6 things so far?
7. Board
8. Board
9. Board
10. Another Board?

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