Project Cambodia: The Forgotten Ones…

In 2006 I traveled to Cambodia to shoot a photo-documentary on Cambodia’s HIV orphans. Many children are orphaned by parents with HIV at childbirth or soon there after, or are abandoned because parents cannot care for their child because of their own sickness. Some children carry on the disease but it is unknown until about the age of 2 whether or not this is the case. There are many instances where the child will be negative even though the parents have the disease. But some are not so lucky.

I spent 2 months living in Phnom Penh visiting 3 orphanages around the city, getting to know the children and photographing them in everyday life. I wanted to present these images as a celebration of their life. So many images we see in todays media depict depressing scenes of life but these kids were upbeat and happy and living their lives to the fullest so I couldn’t see any other way than to show them in that light.

The exhibition that followed was aimed at raising money for these orphanages with 60% of the profits from the sale of the works going straight back to the children of Cambodia.

I thought you might like to see these images.




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