On the road with Queensland Tourism

It’s been a big couple of months of travel this year and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping any time soon.

We hooked up with Queensland Tourism a little while back and they sent us packing on a camping adventure up to the Sunshine Coast to highlight all the cool things you can see and do while camping around the area.

My partner Stefan Jose was onboard to film for Queensland Tourism about the trip and we brought with us Wispy (AKA Christian Barker) and Jia Nomchong (yes we totally turned it into a family getaway) as our good looking adventure ready couple.

We also got completely decked out by Homecamp with all the necessities for the best camping trip up the coast. Homecamp is a supplier of long lasting, beautifully-designed outdoor goods, that combine durability and aesthetics. Visit HomeCamp to check out more of their beautiful gear.

Although we got rained out for a lot of the trip, we did manage to find dry pockets in between downpours to hike up The Glass House Mountains, explore waterfalls like Serenity Falls, surf Noosa points, canoe on Lake Cooroibah and 4WD on the beach on Noosa North Shore. All this in a couple of days, can you imagine what we could of done if it wasn’t raining.

You can check out more info on what to see and do up on The Sunshine Coast on the Queensland Tourism website or their Facebook page.

Models – Wispy (Christian Barker) – @wispy_ & Jia Nomchong – @jiasapie


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