Oakley Pro – Keramas

There were too many images to choose from over the course of the Oakley Pro at Keramas. I shot 2000 images on the final day, along with the couple hundred each day before that we came to watch. I’ve to put together some highlights from the whole comp to try and show you what it was like to be there. So much fun, good vibes and a whole lotta water! We had the super moon over the comp which meant king tides which almost washed away the judges hut.

Hope you enjoy,

This is what we saw every day. Barrel after barrel.

The wet site of The Oakley Pro

Damien Hobgood

Julian Wilson

Grommets fight over Julian Wilson’s broken board

Shore line observers

Poolside front seats at Komune Surf Resort

Sebastian Zietz

John John Florence getting some air time

John John Florence

The other lineup

Two worlds, one beach

Mick Fanning

Sebastian Zietz

Mick Fanning on a frothy one

Fredrick Patachia eyes on the crowd

Damea Dorsey – Surf Photographer

Kelly Slater

Josh Kerr

Kirstin Scholtz – ASP Photographer, waiting for a jetski lift out to the lineup

Kirstin Scholtz – All foam and ski

More Barrels

Nat Young

Nat Young

A well loved hat

This is what we experienced on a daily basis, massive tides taking over the comp

Komune Beach Club, Keramas

Some people didn’t mind the rising tide

And others found a pretty good perch

Michele Bourez turning tricks for the crowd

Joel Parkinson, morning light

Joel Parkinson

The Joel show

Showing us how to win a comp

Oh hey look, it’s Parko again


Parko on one of his perfect 10 waves

Parko, again

Incoming tide and incoming fans

Parko, King of Keramas :: 1

Cheering fans taking over Komune

Parko, King of Keramas :: 2

Congrats Joel

Peace. xx


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