Mornings with Wispy

You know those mornings where it feels like you’ve walked into some kind of ocean heaven? When the mornings blush with pastel skies and the light sea breeze gently grooms the peelers that just keep rolling in. This was a morning like that. And one that we’ve had to keep under wraps for a while now. A morning where Wispy called to say, “Hey I reckon it’s going to be pretty fun out there, no crowds, good light, a winner”.

The images we were shooting, ended up in the current issue of Foam Symmetry in an article about Christian Barker, aka, Wispy, so we’ve had to hide them away until now.

It’s mornings like these that make us grateful to call the Northern Rivers home. For when there’s 200 people scrambling their way onto a wave at the Pass, you know that just down the road is a quiet little peak to call your own.

Photography – Ming Nomchong | @thedrifterblog

Surfer – Wispy (Christian Barker) | @wispy_

Riding the Rincon by McTavish Surfboards

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