McTavish X Ming Nomchong Artist Collab Boards

I’m very proud to present to you my collab with McTavish Surfboards. This little project has been in the works for about 6 months before the finish product turned up on the doorstep for Sea Bones and we’re pretty stoked with how they turned out.

9’4 Noserider

9’3 Dirtnap

7’6 Rincon

5’9 Vinny Twinfin

These limited edition boards have been colour designed and inlayed with tropical prints from around the world, from Fiji to California, Tonga and The Seychelles. They’re pretty special beasts and are waiting for you to take them for a slide. Their all one off designs, so once they’re gone, they’re gone and you’ll have a one off McTavish X MN Artist Collab board foreva.

Available exclusively at Sea Bones Byron Bay – Shop 6, 8 Fletcher St Byron Bay.


Ming Nomchong

Ps. Our lovely model, Dannielle Clayton wears Salt Gypsy and San-Taylor Swim, also available exclusievly at Sea Bones

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