Life is good

We really can’t complain about life you know. We have it pretty good. Put aside the occasional crap day that doesn’t go your way, the bill that needs paying or the embarrassing drunk text you sent last night and look at what you have around you. We live in one of the safest, cleanest most beautiful and diverse countries in the world, with most of us being lucky enough to be able to live on or close to the coast. The ocean for some of us and definitely most of us that live in Byron Bay, is our playground, our place to cleanse the soul and to recharge our batteries.

The annual Easter weekend in Byron brings the Blues, the people and the chocolate. And this particular weekend, it bought the swell. It didn’t matter that every man and his dog was out there, out there on the waves were only smiles and easter time good vibes. Enjoy these couple of snippets from yesterdays swell. xx

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