Tara Michie aka “Ladyslider” is one talented chicky babe. She’s a Hawaiian photographer/stylist/creative director with a similar lust for the tropical life as myself. Inspiration seems to find her daily and usually sends her off to a far away land to explore and adventure, or to create the next coolest thing that keeps you coming back for more.

I first found out about Tara through her tropical surf vibey images when I first got on the gram and she’s been a constant source of inspiration from across the pacific. Fast forward a couple of years and our paths finally crossed when I travelled to Hawaii to shoot a campaign for Samudra and Tara was styling for it. As soon as I met her I knew we’d be buddies.

Tara is this perfect mix of goofy and cool. A creative mind with a surfers style. A gal who’s priorities lie in the sea and the most important thing in the morning time is coffee. When I ask her what she’s been up to lately, she says “Oh just hustling”. That’s my new favourite saying.

Back in Oahu late last year we got the chance to work together again on the Spring Campaign for which you can check out here. After the shoot I spent a couple of days with Tara and snaped some pics of her and her famous truck and 3 legged pup, Annie.

We have so many things in common, now Tara feels like a sister across the sea.


Check out Tara’s instagram account @ladyslider

And her blog


Photo by Tara Michie

My all time favourite photo of Tara’s. Photo by Tara Michie

Photo by Tara Michie

Photo by Tara Michie

Photo courtesy of Tara Michie. Wearing Salt Gypsy Pineapple Leggings


Photo by Bryce Johnson. Tara wears the Twin Palms One Piece Collab with Samudra. Shop it now on THE DRIFTER SHOP


Photo courtesy of Tara Michie


Photo courtesy of Tara Michie

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