Ke11y at Cloudbreak

So there had been this talk of big swell all last week. The first big swell of the season. You know when people talk it up and it’s never as big as you think? Well I decided to think nothing of it. But when I heard the figures yesterday, I started to get a little excited cause I love watching big waves, especially when there are big people surfing them and none other than the legendary Kelly Slater…

Today didn’t disappoint. 8-10ft with some really big clean up sets made for a very happy Ming watching from the boat. I had my tiny lens out compared to the big boys around me, but I still managed to get a few half decent ones which show the size of todays swell. (Oh and a couple of the very delicious Kelly. My sister will be frothing…)


grab that rail!

Luke checking out the set

paddling back for a break

the graceful exit

the not so graceful exit, not Mr 11

squinting for the camera

making it look easy


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