High up in the sky

Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of being able to fly. I’d climb up onto our roof up to the very top peak and look over at all the other rooftops, the trees, parks, and up to the sky wishing I could fly all over them like a bird.

Well I got my chance last friday. Shooting the location promotional images for motor yacht Noble House, I had the privillage of climbing into a chopper and fly over the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji and over to Monuriki island to capture aerials images of the yacht. For those images, click here.

Along with shooting for work, I had the chance to see Fiji from the air. You don’t realise the absolute beauty of the place till you see it from the sky. Wow. With the doors open and me strapped into a harness, I was able to hang out of the helicopter and shoot up, down and around from the sky.


Miniature Denarau Marina, Nadi

Bounty island

The famous Beachcomber party island

Fly happy people!!


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