Hawaii 5 0

I’m not a Winter person. As soon as there’s more than a week of cold toes, I’m booking flights somewhere warm, just to cope with getting through till Spring.

When the stars aligned as my very good friend invited us to her wedding on Maui in June, it was the perfect excuse for a Tropical.

We booked two weeks on Oahu & Maui (Hawaii), a proper mid year holiday, an escape the cold of winter at home.

Looking back at the photos, I didn’t realise but we spent the majority of our two weeks in the ocean. That’s a sign of a good holiday, right?

Shot on a mix of film, digital & iPhone and using Aquatech surf housings and the Axis Water Housing for the iPhone

(which a huge thanks to Phil from Aquatech for overnight shipping a new housing out to me)

And film Developed and scanned by Bayou film.

Enjoy peeps. xx

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