Evening Slides with Lauren Hill

Chase the Sun

A beautiful evening with Lauren Hill spent riding wavelets into the setting sun, watching light sparkle and dance on the glassy ocean surface and floating around with the women of the sea.

It’s amazing how the ocean can heal and revive you. How it can bring you together and connect you with people around you. Out there on the ocean, we all share a common love, a love that brings us closer to each other and creates a community that is strong and protective. Once indited, you a life long member. It’s a playground for all ages and from all walks of life. There’s no pre-requisite except for a love of the sea.


Dave Rastavitch

Chrystal Fitzgerald

Lauren & Chrystal – Party wavin

Dave Rastavitch sliding off into the sunset

Chrystal Fitzgerald

The all women paddle to shore

Lauren, dancing into the setting sun

Peace. xx

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