Evening Rollers

I guess winter went on holidays this season. He must be living it up in Barbados with a Pinacolada in one hand and bottle of SPF 30+ in the other. When I came home to face my first winter in 5 years, I wasn’t expecting 23c days, sunny, beautiful clear skies and magical sunsets. But hey, I’m not complaining!!

So what better way to end the day then by watching the sun set while skating to the grooves of the beating drums down at main beach.


Hanna :: 1

Follow the arrow

Skate shadows

Hanna :: 2

Miss Sarah

All smiles

Rollers :: 1

8 wheels 4 pins

Han and Sare

Watching the evening show

Ocean and Earth

Hanna and Sarah

kick push coast

The Board

The Toes


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