Dravuni Island

I’m on the road again for a 2 week adventure around the southern Lau Group in Fiji. This trip is especially amazing because not only am I traveling to the furthest far outer islands of the Fiji group, but it will be my last before returning home to Oz and heading back up the coast to Byron Bay where I’ll be settling in for the summer.

Dravuni Island is situated inside the Astrolab Reef which surrounds a group of islands down to the south of Viti Levu. The surrounding reef is famous for it’s massive fish and beautiful coral which brings adventurers of all types to explore this area most of the year. The day we visited the little island of Dravuni, a P&O cruise ship that had set sail from Sydney through horrible weather had arrived the morning we came ashore. Accommodating 5000 (!) people and cruising through any weather conditions to get to it’s destination, to look at it mad me very happy to be living aboard the lovely Noble House!

The villages set up their beachside markets when ever they know people are coming to town and tourists can walk up and down the squeaky white sand perusing sarongs and coconut jewelry or settle in for some hair braiding a relaxing massage.

I enjoyed having people on the beach this day because I’m a lover of people watching and seeing people enjoy themselves makes me happy.


Welcome to Dravuni Island

I don’t think this little man knew what was happening at first

So many options

Hanging out at mum’s hair braiding stall

Yeah muscles!

Picture Perfect :: 1

Motor Yacht Noble House a tiny spec in the distance

I love the outfit this man is wearing to the beach

Picture Perfect :: 2

Day trips organised

Opening a coconut seems so easy for a Fijian

Remember the old days?

I loved his hat but even more, I loved that he came all the way from Sydney with his 8 best friends

It’s a lovely day for a dip with your mate

Or your sweetheart

An island for everyone


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