Cruising the Coral Coast.

I’ve been hanging out in Fiji for almost 6 months now. My time here is coming to an end and I’ll be setting sail to the next adventure that awaits me in the following weeks. So enjoying Fiji’s picturesque coastline is definitely a must for me while I still can.

The Coral Coast, which lies on the southern side of Viti Levu, Fiji’s largest island, is littered with swaying coconut palms, white sandy beaches, fringing coral reef with an abundance of surf breaks and smily locals who welcome you into their homes with big open arms.

One such big smiling rastafarian, Dan, owns Eco Cafe. This gorgeous little road side eatery is also Dan’s kitchen, dining room and lounge room. A step outside meets you with another hut in where Dan and his multicultural family (his partner is Italian) rest their heads at night. With 3 barefooted kids running around helping dad with pots and pans and picking flowers from the garden for the table, Dan tells me that his cafe is all about sustainable eating and living for a healthy body and mind.

We loved this little slice of heaven so much, we ended up spending hours lounging around on big comfy cushions, sipping fresh pineapple juice and filling up on Fiji’s best roadside beachside lunch, with a spectacular view. And with sweet reggae tunes singing away in the background, this open air seaside paradise is an inviting rest stop for coastal travelers. Enjoy.


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