Chillin, Tonga style

I’m going through my photos of the past couple of weeks and it’s so hard to get them down to a few for this post! I could of put all of them up! Here is a little recap of the past week or so, hanging out in Tonga.

We spent a few days anchored off Mouno Island, snorkeling, swimming, scrabbling and drinking beer. Then, hiked up the highest mountain in Vava’u (which wasn’t very high), trailblazed our way to the top and got a great view overlooking the  surrounding bays and outer islands.

More images to come very soon of swimming with the giants of the sea.


Just another day for you and me, in paradise

Tom the Kayaker

Zipping about in paradise

Hammock hanging

Karate jumping

What about the view!

Setting anchor

Mouno Island :: 1

Mouno Island :: 2

Mouno Island :: 3

Mouno Island :: 4

A swimmer and the mighty Noble House

Off to explore

Otto the royal pup

Pretty pinks

The best seat in the house

Evidence of a good time

Found treasure

Cheers to drinkypoos

Scrabble face :: 1

Scrabble face ::2

Your move

Searching the holy book of words

The scraps of Scrabble

Stretching to the sun

Happy hour

Another sunset in paradise

A bit of a breach

Just watching a whale go by

Play time :: 1

Play time :: 2

Play time :: 3


On a walk up the hill

washing hanging



Frangipani girl

Peeking into a colourful backyard

Blue Steele

Clam shells make good fence decorations

Luke at work

My, what big…. horns you have



Golden webs

A view from the top :: 1

A view from the top :: 2

It’s so easy breeezy here

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