Words By Anna Jordan,

Imagine a place where there’s not another human soul as far as the eye can see. Where you can play your music as loud as your eardrums can bear and it’s so secluded that a nudie run on the beach almost loses its thrill. We wake up on Moreton Island to the sun peeking into our tents, letting us know that its going to be another perfect day of summer. Izi, Ming and I spend the morning exploring tea tree lakes and pristine natural water ways teaming with birds in the peaceful morning light. It’s not long before the sun coerces us towards the ocean and we spend the afternoon floating amongst the tropical hues, watching our friends catch waves as we explore the northern point of the island – where the waves meet ocean cliffs with such force that they explode into the sky – then trickle down into the Champagne Pools below.

Storm clouds roll in from the ocean, promising some reprise from the blistering Australian heat and our only hope of rinsing the salt off our skin before we head back to the campsite.

This is Izi Simundic exploring a secluded Aussie paradise with Cantik Swimwear

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