Balloon Bouncing in the Bay of Islands

A secluded beach, a couple of little kids, a few big kids, bucket loads of water balloons and you’ve got yourself a water filled afternoon in the Bay of Islands, Northern Lau Group Fiji.

We’ve been up in the northern islands of Fiji for the past week checking out the sights and sailing into way out atolls with white sandy beaches. The weather has been ho-hum but we got lucky this day, the sun was shining brightly and the beach hosted the perfect location for our water battle.


Our secret deserted beach, Bay of Islands, Northern Lau Group Fiji

The artillery

The slingshot team in action


Red coping one in the face

Water is good

But margarita is better

People have made tables out of old doors

Paul is quoted, “Yes, if I had them, I would be playing with them all day.”

Trying to sit on the last of the water bombs

A stray

Adventuring to the other side

Little footprints in the sand

Look! A starfish!

A coconut for everyone


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