Bali Bagus

4 weeks in Bali went too fast. Blink and it wizzes past you like a motor bike with 6 people on it. (Ok, 6 people on a motorbike probably wouldn’t wizz past you, but you know what I mean). I feel like I did so much, yet really didn’t do that much at all.

I was lucky enough to be asked to shoot a wedding in Canggu while I was there and it was an absolute pleasure to capture Renee & Derry’s big day (images up on my website very soon ). Shooting the Oakley Pro was a whole bunch of fun and if you haven’t see those photos, check out the previous post or click here.

But besides that, there was a lot of swimming in the sea, working on my surfing while getting kisses and encouragement from the reef (it’s constructive criticism, it hurts at first but you learn your lessons), cruising about on 2 wheels and eating more rice, tempe and snake fruit than there are Balinese people in Bali – people are going to start to think I’m part Asian…

Oh, and I took a few photos a long the way as well…

I’m now still mentally preparing myself for beanies, jumpers and scarfs and even though it’s not actually as cold as I thought it was going to be back home, getting into a cold wetsuit in the mornings takes a lot of mental preparation.



Surfers and sundowners, Uluwatu

Sunset Sessions, Uluwatu :: 1

Sunset Sessions, Uluwatu :: 2

Footloose and fancy free, Uluwatu

The rice fields of Medewi :: 1

The rice fields of Medewi :: 2

Breakfast at Dewi’s, Medewi

Medewi Temple :: 1

Medewi Temple :: 2

Medewi Temple :: 3

Medewi Temple :: 4

Medewi Temple :: 5


Drive by Medewi :: 1

The Magic Tree, Medewi

Gee and The Magic Tree

Drive by Medewi :: 2

Drive by Medewi :: 3

Drive by Medewi :: 4

Medewi :: 3

Medewi rice fields :: 4

Medewi rice fields :: 5

Sun bakers and barrel raiders, Keramas

Frothing to get out there, Keramas

Sage Erickson turning tricks at Keramas

This little girl collected all the cigarette butts from around here and put them in a pile

Beach decorations, Keramas

Anchors by the shore, Keramas

Watching from the shoreline, Keramas

Sand kids, Keramas

Watching from the shore, Keramas

Padang Padang Beach

On the path down through the rocks to Padang Padang

Pretty things at Padang Padang

Swimmers, Padang Padang

Skipping into Paradise, Padang Padang

“Did you see that!”, Monkey forest, Ubud

All alone, Monkey forest, Ubud

Mumma Love, Monkey forest, Ubud

Sunset Silhouettes, Uluwatu

Sunset Sessions, Uluwatu :: 3

Sunset Sessions, Uluwatu :: 4

Uluwatu Surf Lovers

Surf Sister, Uluwatu

Bintangs at Single Fin, watching the setting sun, Uluwatu

Sunset Sessions, Uluwatu :: 5

Temple time, Uluwatu :: 1

Temple time, Uluwatu :: 2

Uluwatu headland

Birds eye view, Uluwatu :: 1

Birds eye view, Uluwatu :: 2

Birds eye view, Uluwatu :: 3

Peace. xx


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