Back on Fiji Time

Ah, yes it is.

Flying into Viti Levi, looking out the plane window watching palm trees and tin roofs of the scattered villages becoming bigger as we descended, I was so happy to be back in this happy smiling land that it bought tears to my eyes. Fiji is such a special place to me, I can see myself here in years to come. 6 months here, 6 months at home a year. Wouldn’t that be nice? Maybe more people will want me to shoot their weddings over in Fiji… (hint hint, nudge nudge)

Although it’s been a whirlwind tour this time, I did still manage to catch up with old friends and give a few big BULA’s! to lots of familiar faces. I kicked myself when I turned up to Natadola beach without my aquatech housing as for some reason I had it in my head that the water would be cloudy and not very clear… Isn’t it always the way. It was Crystal. Clear. Paradise. Doh.

My days were filled with picnics on the beach in the late afternoon sun, the sound of guitars and robust Fijian men singing their songs of togetherness, echoing through my mind, evoking times of old and smiles of new. I walked all over the island of Malolo, climbing over rocks, under palms, investigating round bushes in search for the perfect locations for the creative shoot for the wedding, with bindis on my dress and leaves stuck all over my legs.

Adventure kayaking was on the list for one day to far away sand bars. I went snorkeling with a new found friend and hundreds of fish who escorted us around the reef excitedly showing us their homes. Looking into the aqua blue, the only perception of depth and distance, being my hand stretched out in front of me, swimming through the liquid silk.

I sat in the sand on the phone with a long lost friend, watching the sun set over the Mamanuca group, sending the sky blushing, with pinks and purples and golden hues, making wishes on the last rays of light that beam out across the sky.

And in between all of that I managed to fit in shooting one of my most favourite weddings to date. A tropical south pacific fairytale, 8 years in the making and well worth the wait. You’ll have to check out my wedding section on my website for all the images. (post up as soon as I can – )

So as I sit in the departures lounge awaiting my flight home, I want to give a big shout out thank you to Kim and Josh for bringing me here to shoot their wedding and allowing me to return to a place that is so dear to my heart. Cheers to all the old and new friends I caught up with and befriended on this short but oh so sweet trip. You guyses are RAD. I can’t wait to see you all again very soon.

And a quick note, if anyone else wants to whisk me away to somewhere exotic to showcase a little slice of their world, get in contact and lets get inspired. Your world + my camera = Cool Shit Captured Creatively.

Peace out people.



Natadola beach time

The picnic crew

Bethan and The Beach

John and Bethan

Freedrom Feet

Give me wings and I will fly

Water Love :: 1

Water Love :: 2

Happy days

This is Zara

This is me in my happy place

Moi and the lovely Bathan

Truck stop -corner shop

View from the corner shop

Welcome to paradise :: 1

Welcome to paradise :: 2

Welcome to paradise :: 3

Welcome to paradise :: 4

View from the sea :: 1

Boats and palms seen from the sea

View from the sea :: 2

Another one of my happy places

Not a bad view hey?

Blue skies and green palms

Me footsies!


Lomani Island Resort

More paradise

Ugh! So ugly. 😉

On my kayak adventure to the sand bar

My new mates

My snorkeling buddy Jay

Heading down

Feet first


Me, in my favourite world


Being up – looking down


Collecting floaties

Split Screen

Heading off on another adventure

Kick fin

Taking a moment in the blue sea of my Fiji

Paradise Love’n

The End. xx

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