Back just in time for summer..

The most easterly point of Australia (aka, The Bay) has been having pretty crappy wind and surf conditions the last couple of weeks, which is a downer for the newly arrived home (aka ME!). I’ve been looking forward to long sun drenched beach days and getting back on my board again so I can rip like Stephanie by the time my boy gets back in Jan. But it’s wishful thinking at the moment as the northerlies blow in, my beach bag fills with sand.

I’ve been super busy, tired and lazy and I haven’t picked up my camera in a while but I took advantage of an early morning walk on Tallows which sees lighter winds and sunnier mornings, hoping I could snap a pic or two to show you. The below images are the result. Nothing amazing, but it was nice to walk one of my favourite ¬†beaches again, camera in hand.


The view towards cosy


Wispy and The Pie

That’s a whole lotta jelly


The water is fresh but refreshing at Cosy

It’s offshore for the moment

Little bumps

Taking what you can get

Summer is upon us

It’s fun no matter what size it is

Sis and bestie, The Pie

Tallow mornings




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