Auguste The Label X SummerSite

We woke with the sun in a secluded campsite on the northern tip of Moreton Island, Queensland. Staying in such a remote and isolated setting – I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to be shipwrecked. To spend solitary days chasing the horizon, eyes to the sea as you trace a lonely line of footprints upon endless stretches of white sand. To see the island for exactly what it is – devoid of any manmade elaborations or blemishes that only serve to distract the eye from the faultless beauty of nature. To truly understand the harshness of this sunburnt country, where ocean tides dictate your daily schedule and every living creature is at the will of the sun Gods whose merciless rays blaze down upon the earth relentlessly.

On this desolate stretch of coastline, Aussie model Izi Simundic and photographer Ming Nomchong created a little bit of magic in the early morning light..

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